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Our short story

Located at the foothills of the beautiful Bükk, you will find Az Öreg Tölgy Bisztró. Our dishes typically represent Hungarian flavors, yet they are prepared with a modern and creative approach. Our love and respect for the forest are of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to using high-quality, natural ingredients. That’s why we only use the freshest ingredients, the majority of which are sourced from the surrounding forests and local producers.

The interior and ambiance of the restaurant enhance the classic rural bistro character with a touch of modernity, allowing guests to enjoy not only a delightful dining experience but also a relaxing and authentic environment.

In addition to our traditional and gourmet dishes, our guests can taste the finest wine selections of North Hungary.

Executive Chef

Attila Bajzát

Attila decided at a very young age, at three years old, that he would not only become a chef but also a hunter.

He grew up in the neighboring town of Felsőtárkány, where from a very early age, he witnessed and took part in the process of how fresh ingredients made their way from the garden and the forest to the table.

He participated in the “Reform Chef Club” in 2002, which can boldly be called the beginning of a gastronomic revolution aimed at “revitalizing” the local gastronomy. It was from here that the movement of “Stylish Rural Dining” also originated.

Throughout his career, he worked as a chef in several renowned restaurants and also held executive chef positions. Among others, he worked at Ködmön Csárda in Szépasszonyvölgy, the former Lovas Étterem, Macok Bisztró, and for 2 years, he was the head chef at Imola Hotel Platán, where he delighted guests with wine dinners and themed events. He spent the recent period in Kézdivásárhely, where he was invited to create the initial menu for Jazz Bistro & Winery, but eventually, he stayed for 8 years as the head chef. During this time, he was responsible for renewing and revitalizing local gastronomy by combining Hungarian and Transylvanian cuisine.

Over the years, he developed his signature style based on his unique taste, emphasizing the importance of ingredients and culinary techniques. Attila’s goal is to bring joy to the guests and create a lasting experience by offering a diverse menu where everyone can find their favorite dish. His sincere belief is to create a clear and straightforward, honest Hungarian cuisine, preserving traditions and local flavors, presented in a modern way suitable for today, but not in a fine-dining style.

suba-lyuk barlang
Since Ancient Times


The bistro is located in Cserépfalu. A small town situated 22 km east of Eger, in the valley of Hór Valley.

The region has been inhabited since ancient times, and one of the most important archaeological sites of prehistoric research in Hungary, the Suba Cave, which has been under strict protection since 1982, can be found at the beginning of the valley.

In addition, there are numerous attractions in the village and its immediate vicinity. At the end of a narrow, rocky ridge, overlooking the Hór Valley, the ruins of the Ódor Castle once stood. On the clearing below Ódor Castle, you can find the Oszlai Heritage House, where you can learn about the unique life and activities of the forest-tending foresters and their everyday tools.

In Cserépfalu and its surroundings, you can encounter all the traces of the Bükkalja stone culture by walking along the Ördögtorony educational trail. Along the trail leading to Ördögtorony, the Berezdi Walkway, you can find the Kisamerikai cave dwellings, and above the Berezdi Walkway stands the Millennium Lookout Tower.

The village is also home to several rows of wine cellars, built in the original folk style, which are being restored in the same manner even today.

Walking through the streets of Cserépfalu, you can admire many original, arcaded peasant houses.

The Village House showcases the lifestyle of a middle-class family from the early 20th century, featuring everything from the clean room to the tool shed, using locally gathered materials.

Dear Guests!

Our restaurant is closed until March 6.
Thank you for your kind understanding.